HB Racing D4 Evo3 1/10 Competition Elektro Buggy 4wd

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HB Racing D4 Evo3 1/10 Competition Elektro Buggy 4wd

New from HB Racing is the D4 Evo3 1/10 scale 4WD electric buggy. HB designer Torrance Deguzman updated his innovative D418 design with new high performance features aimed to optimize performance on carpet and high grip race tracks. The D4 Evo3 includes a new chassis that moves the motor forward for improved weight balance, new gearboxes to allow lower ride height without compromising the suspension geometry, a lowered carbon fiber front shock tower, and E8 style chassis braces/rods that allow side flex while maintaining bending stiffness. Also included are DCJ (Dual Cardan Joint) front universals to eliminate front wheel chatter, machined aluminum front caster blocks, and new fully adjustable machined aluminum rear hub carriers. The D4 Evo3: Faster, Stronger, and More Adjustable.

The D4 Evo3 is packed with standard parts that are options on most 1/10 4WD buggies. Extensive use of precision CNC machined aluminum alloy parts, woven carbon fiber, and composite nylon material make the D4 Evo3 Pro Spec right out of the box. A wide range of adjustability allows racers to tune it for maximum performance on race tracks around the world.

The D4 Evo3 features a 7075 aluminum chassis with raised side guards, similar to the successful 1/8 HB buggies. The aluminum chassis adds durability, lowers the center of gravity, dissipates motor heat, and helps dampen high frequency vibration. Molded nylon side guards help keep out dirt, and the side plates are used to mount the body, eliminating the need for body posts and body pins. The chassis layout has been refined, taking cues from the successful E8 buggy, with new chassis stiffening rods and a mid motor layout for optimum weight distribution.

HB’s trademark monocoque suspension arms feature a harder material as standard equipment, delivering precise suspension and handling response. The monocoque design helps keep dirt from building up on the arms, and gives racers the advantage of being able to fine tune the stiffness of the arms to match track conditions. The innovative D4 Evo3 inner suspension mounts deliver unmatched adjustability and race proven toughness, and they’re now spec’d for the revised gearboxes for optimized handling at lower ride height.

The D4 Evo3 features a race-proven 4WD system with high strength steel center drive shafts, tough sintered diff gears, precision machined steel input gears and spur gear, steel DCJ & Universal driveshafts, and machined aluminum wheel hubs for maximum durability in the 4WD class. The center bulkhead is split for quick and easy access to the center differential. Just remove 4 screws and the center diff slides right out, a huge time saver when you’re wrenching between heats.

The highly adjustable suspension now has revised suspension travel for improved performance on carpet and high grip race tracks. The 12mm Big-Bore shocks come with machined aluminum caps and a design similar to the HB 1/8 shocks. Carbon graphite shock towers are found front and rear, lightweight and durable, with a variety of mounting positions to help dial in the suspension to track conditions. The suspension includes front and rear adjustable turnbuckles, front and rear sway bars, machined aluminum caster blocks and steering blocks. The innovative D418 triangulated shock tower mounts are carried over to the D4 Evo3 for exceptional durability.

Extensive use of alloy and carbon parts allow quick production of new chassis and suspension parts to keep the D4 Evo3 competitive at the highest level of racing.

The D4 Evo3 is compatible with popular wheels, tires, bodies, wings, and electronics so you can fit the latest go-fast parts.

DCJ (Dual Cardan Joint) front universals have been spec’d to eliminate front wheel chatter. Machined aluminum front caster blocks and steering arms increase durability, precision, and allow a wider range of tuning options from HB and aftermarket suppliers.

  • NEW! Optimized performance for carpet tracks
  • NEW! Mid motor aluminum chassis plate
  • NEW! E8 style aluminum chassis rods
  • NEW! DCJ (Dual Cardan Joint) front universals
  • NEW! Low CG front and rear gearboxes
  • NEW! Lowered carbon fiber front shock tower
  • NEW! Aluminum caster blocks
  • NEW! D8 style aluminum rear hub carriers
  • NEW! Updated spring rates
  • NEW! Updated carbon fiber servo mount
  • Easy access center diff
  • Rear universal drive shafts
  • HB monocoque suspension arms
  • Highly adjustable suspension geometry
  • Carbon fiber steering arms
  • Adjustable steel turnbuckles
  • 12mm big bore threaded coilover shocks
  • Carbon fiber shock towers
  • Sway bars front and rear
  • Race proven 4WD system