OPTIMA SLR5 V2 Tuned Engine

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Produktinformationen "OPTIMA SLR5 V2 Tuned Engine"

This engine, marketed under the brand OPTIMA is the result of the 25 years experience of the French RC manufacturer.
For this engine, 6MIK specified, developed, tested and validated each part according to its ultra demanding technical specifications.

A performant engine is not only a powerful engine. To make the best lap times all the finals along, and this, whatever track conditions are (slippery, grippy, etc…), the engine should :
– React without dead-time to all solicitations trigger to always manage properly car slips or holes on the track.
– Always stay sweet enough to provide traction without destabilizing the car.
– Quickly come back to idle to prevent understeering before to enter enter the corner.
– Provide stable settings all the day along.
– Offer excellent performance to provide the lowest fuel consumption possible.
– Provide a great power to the car from a corner to the following one as quickly as possible to save time.
– Provide equal and consistent performance lap after lap to allow the driver to always pass each track parts at the wanted speed (no more, no less)…

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