OPTIMA TIGRE Tuned 1/8 Engine

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Produktinformationen "OPTIMA TIGRE Tuned 1/8 Engine"

That brand new Optima TIGRE Engine has been developed to improve your 1/8 Buggy comportment :
– 5 Ports with Factory-Tuned ABC Sleeve
– LONG LIFE Double Ring Conrod
– Hard Black « Barrel » Crankshaft
– PERFORMA V4 Crankcase
– Hi-speed Ceramic Rear Ball Bearing
– Low Profile TIGRE Cooling Head with Optimized Heat Dissipation
– Black & Gold TIGRE Back Cover
– Glow plug O-ring Insert
– Long Carburator Needle
– Main Needle Doubled O-ring
– 3 Reducers Included (6/6,5 & 7mm) and Dust covers

On the track, TIGRE provides a strong Low-Medium Speed without violence. Smooth at driving, and easy to tune, and fuel mileage (thanks adapted peripherals) regularly allows to reach the 10mn refuelling.

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