RC-Project "The Ring" muffler support

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"The Ring" muffler support

The new "The Ring" muffler support is made in Ergal 7075 T6 in Italy, it can be mounted on all 1/10 and 1/8 Nitro models and will be available in 6 different colors. The muffler support will allow you to have 2 different configurations, fixed or mobile:- In fixed mode, in addition to the central grab of the muffler, 2 additional M3 grabs can be added to secure the muffler fixing with the relative spring and avoid unpleasant problems due to unscrewing the grab and the muffler coming out of the relative spring.- In mobile mode it will be possible to eliminate the central grab of the muffler and leave only the 2 grabs, in this mode the muffler will have the freedom to be able to move freely inside the support, this will help the free movement of it according to the bending of the frame . Inside the space between the muffler and the support you can insert Orings or a silicone tube to dampen the movement.
The spring made of harmonic steel, has a length that adapts to all models and will allow it to be shortened and bent according to your needs.